SCM Advisory

Matrish Solutions Supply Chain Management (SCM) advisors provide consulting/counselling to the clients to understand the various SCM activities from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities.

Also, we provide our clients with the experience of SCM digital transformation 4.0, with having AI, ML and AR solutions-based processes to improve everyday activities. Our expertise helps organizations to excel in Supply Chain, warehouse digital transformations and Smart Solutions Integrations.

SCM Digital Transformation

Real-time Logistics

Automated warehousing, end to end shipment movement tracking,

On-Demand SCM

Accurate demand forecasting and replenishment through smart analysis. Demand prediction, pattern recognition and change anticipation through machine learning.


⚬ Efficiencies and lower cost,
⚬ End-to-end visibility
⚬ Enables data access between business networks (network of networks). It helps in the synergistic co creation of value, through savings and opportunities and shared between business partner organizations.

Cyber Security

We fill the security gap in the organization’s supplier’s network and decrease the risk of cyber-attack on the supply chain from sophisticated attackers.



Matrish solutions have designed exclusive services to provide easy, scalable access to applications and resources, for cloud services providers. These services are strategically divided, as:

SAP on Cloud

We integrate data from across the enterprise, enable faster decisions on live data. We help to migrate our client’s SAP data to any cloud.

Cloud Transfiguration

Strategize cloud and adopt a roadmap for businesses.

Cloud-based application development

Development of cloud-based application and platform.

Cloud Migration

Moving or migrating digital business operations to the cloud. Enable the cloud of your choice (Re-host, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild and Replace)

Application modernization

Modernizing or upgrading the existing cloud-native application.

Access, Plan, Implement and optimize your cloud transfiguration.

Approaches to application modernization are serverless, re-platforming and containers.

Our Approach

We have adopted a very simple approach to managing any SCM operations. We offer an approach that brings you supply chain expertise and the strategic focus necessary to help you take full advantage of the resources available in the Indian digital marketplace today and into the future. We have the capabilities, tools and experience to help make your logistic operations more successful and cost-effective.

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