IT Services

Matrish Solutions provide consulting services, support and resources for IT application such as Java, Net, Python, AI, ML, and DevOps

Java Consulting

Java is an integral part of today’s digital world, as it provides easily accessible platforms for the development and creation of many services and applications. Matrish Solutions offers profound Java consulting services, such as advisory services, its’ implementation and support.

We assist in the following technicality:
Designing well-scaled Java architecture or enhancing an existing Java app architecture.
Java code review, code quality audit, fix and update code.
Modernizations of existing applications built in Java (fresh UX, new interactive features, re-engineering, re-architecting, migration).
Various new Java-based app development.
Java applications as latest Java version up-gradation.
Easy access and improvement of the performance of JAVA based apps.

.Net Consulting

.NET is a highly used and adopted technology for application development. Matrish Solutions excels in .Net offshore/outsource development and has expertise in .Net application development and asp.net MVC development.

We provide consulting for existing application development, new custom applications or legacy applications.

Python Consulting

Matrish Solutions consultants are highly skilled in Python with knowledge of Python web framework as Django and Flask.

Our experts have an understanding of the threading limitation of Python and multi-process architecture.

Matrish Python developers excel in server-side templating languages such as Jinja2, and Mako.


Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Consulting

Artificial intelligence nowadays is a matter of interest in related topics with the C-suite, and across business lines and job roles, as enterprises embrace the value of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). We at Matrish Solutions provides consulting to our clients for AI adoptions, which is highly beneficial and risk-free. For the implementation of AI, our experts provide data from every area of the client’s business to power the features they offer.

Highlights of our AI/ Ml Support

Articulation of AI objectives for digital transformation.
We identify the need of our clients and base on this we proceed with interdisciplinary teams and data framework.
We use value maps and decision frameworks to prioritize adoption.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps is the collision of the Development of Software and its Operations. We at Matrish have a pool of experts who excel in the total integration of DevOps. We have designed a liner process for its functioning:


It contains planning, development, integration, deployment and operations.


This phase contains learning and security of the operations while it’s running.


We provide regulatory compliance at the early stage of the operation as well as throughout its life process.

We have a team of experts who deal with the whole process of DevOps as per our clients’ needs.

Our Approach

We have adopted a very simple approach to managing any IT operations. We offer an approach that brings you IT expertise and the strategic focus necessary to help you take full advantage of the resources available in the Indian IT marketplace today and into the future. We have the capabilities, tools and experience to help make your IT operations more successful and cost-effective.

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